It depends on the size of your boat and the states being travelled through; but, in most cases, yes. Each state has their own transportation restrictions - height, width, and weight. If your boat or yacht exceeds the weight and/or dimension requirements for non-permit travel in any state it passes through, a permit will be required for each of those states.

Don't fret, our expert staff can assist with all permitting.

Maybe. Boat loads over a certain height or width may require an escort and/or special permitting. Exterior items such as antennas, radars, hailers, hardtops, flying bridges, superstructures etc. may need to be removed (and secured) for height clearance. Call us today, and we can help you determine the most effective way to prepare and transport your boat.

  • Remove any valuables (cash, jewelry, etc) on board and securely stow any loose gear (life preservers, lamps, etc) - preferably in a locked compartment
  • Disconnect batteries and secure them
  • If dinghy on board, secure properly with padding
  • If superstructures were dismantled, secure properly with padding
  • Any external accessories removed (antennas, radars, etc) should be packed securely and stored below deck
  • Tie down and/or tape hatches - seal any leaky hatches
  • Latch cabin windows and tape from the outside
  • Windshields and plexiglass that protrude over the flying bridge should be removed and secured
  • Remove and secure below deck any electronics or valuable items from the bridge
  • For sailboats, all rigging, winches, lights, etc need to be removed from the mast. Do not secure the mast to the boat unless that is the agreed upon load plan
  • Lock the cabin and keep the key - do not give to the driver

Give us a call or send us an email for a more detailed boat transportation preparation guide.